JANUARY 27 Bracket


  • Kansas continues to be the number one team despite the Kentucky loss simply because of the 7 RPI top-25 teams (was 6 last week), which dominates the field. I honestly don’t see why this is so over-looked.
  • Kentucky is continuing to be on the rise as they defeated Kansas last Saturday, lifting them to a 2-seed.
  • Tennessee is the AP No.1, but listed here as the worst 2-seed. Their loss is fine, but they haven’t beaten enough quality teams to get the points required for a 1.
  • Wofford and Hofstra are both 9-seeds, which baffles me, but I will trust the points system. Part of the problem lies within them getting easy wins and larger opponents getting tough losses.
  • Auburn is hard to justify, but they just haven’t beaten anybody. Losses are decent, but they have 6 of them. Best win is Washington, then drops off after that.

*CORRECTION (1/28): I foolishly put in San Francisco as an 11-seed twice… it is now fixed so that Davidson is inserted as an at-large 11-seed replacing San Francisco in the South Region.

January 20 Bracket

I’m interested in seeing how this bracket progresses as the season moves forward. Marquette is on the rise after not starting the season that great. I feel the new system that I implemented for this bracket is much more accurate to reality than the prior one, so I will continue its use in future brackets. In addressing Kansas as the No.1 team and not Duke despite the recent Kansas loss to West Virginia, the argument is that Kansas has 6 RPI top-25 wins which dominate the rest of the field. One outlier I found interesting is Auburn, who is placed as an 11 seed and barely in the field. The issue is the fact that even though they have looked good, they haven’t beaten enough quality teams to garner the points to be up in the 5-6 seed range. Also, Ohio State has taken a dive after getting off to a great start to the season, which goes the same Indiana and Seton Hall. I expect to post another bracket in 2 weeks time.

January 13 Bracket

Utilizing math to complete my team evaluations, it was concerning to see a few teams seemingly out of place. For Tennessee to not be a one is possibly absurd, Minnesota should not even be sniffing a four, and Wisconsin is getting no credit. I plan to make minor adjustments to the points system being used so that my predictions can be more on track with reality and not fantasy land. Of course, there is limited data to work with, so as the season progresses, the team evaluations will be more consistent with respect to where they deserve to be and will fall into place. Keep note that Bold and CAPITALIZED denotes conference champion, and the reason why some conference champions are ranked lower than others in the same conference is due to current standings.